Wood Carving and Cuckoo Clocks

Published: 05th February 2009
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Every hand-made traditional cuckoo clock is a work of art by a wood carver. The Black Forest style of clock case is decorated with vines, flowers, and forest creatures that are carved out of wood. These carvings are works of art by master woodcarvers in a timeless tradition. The joy of woodcarving is that a block of wood is brought to life. Those of us who know we could never do that are in awe of woodcarving. Many people love to see palaces, cathedrals and mansions because of the beautiful wood carvings in these places of wealth, as well as the other works of art. The wonderful thing about cuckoo clocks is that people who were not royal or wealthy could afford to have wood artistry in their home. That is still true today.

Since the knife was first invented, people of all cultures have carved images into wood. Many of these carvings were spiritual in nature. African masks carved of wood represented spirits, as did the totem poles of Alaskan Native Americans. Wood carving was also a way to personalize a tool such as the oars of Polynesian peoples. People have probably always carved wood to make toys for children. Wooden figures of people and animals have delighted children for eons.

Kings throughout history have glorified their thrones and palaces with wood carvings. Ancient kings such as Egyptian king of Sitamun of 1391 BC had thrones with figures carved of wood and decorated in gold. Sitamun's throne, which is in Cairo Antiquities museum, has the figures of the king and queen and a winged cobra to symbolize the power of the king. Obviously, this throne is a long way from cuckoo clocks. The point is that the king wanted to glorify his seat of power with beautiful wood carvings.

Temples, cathedrals, and other places of worship all over the world are graced by wood carvings. In Thailand, for example, amazing teak carvings adorn facade of the most famous temple in Lampang, which was founded in the 7th century. The Cathedrals of Britain, Europe, Mexico, and South American are also full of beautifully carved wood. Images of God, angels, saints, and animals are found in Christian churches everywhere.

The clock makers of the Black Forest began to apply the art of wood carving to cuckoo clocks in the 1700s. The cuckoo clocks were meant to be affordable for the homes of "average" people who could afford to decorate their homes with a small piece of art. The cuckoo clock makers were giving a touch of joy and beauty to homes that did not have all the sources of entertainment that we take for granted today.

The woodcarvers making cuckoo clocks continue that ancient art of carving wood into life-like figures. The vines, flowers, deer, foxes, birds on the clock cases are little works of art. The cuckoos and the carved figurines come to life every hour just as wooden toys have brought joy to people through the ages. Cuckoo clocks are wonderful works of woodcarving that everyone can afford for their home.

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