German Dancers on Cuckoo Clocks

Published: 05th February 2009
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German dancers on cuckoo clocks are a special delight to all people of German ancestry and anyone who loves Oktoberfest - or anyone who likes dancing and having a good time. The little dancing figures on cuckoo clocks wear traditional German clothes and dance to music boxes playing the "The Happy Wanderer," "Edleweiss," and other songs. Anyone who has ever gone to Oktoberfest knows how much people love to watch German dancers. Who can resist the sight of the gentlemen twirling the ladies in their full skirts and aprons? They dance to the "old time" favorites, including waltzes and polkas. The music often emphasizes the brass instruments, particularly the tuba with its "oom-pa-pa." Everyone knows those and everyone gets drawn in.

Cuckoo clocks with dancing figures are wonderful gifts for anyone who enjoys Oktoberfest and German folk dancing, or any dancing. Oktoberfest has become a special holiday not only in Europe but also in Canada and the United States. Oktoberfest is said to have started in Munich in 1810. Since then Oktoberfest has spread to become an incredibly popular festival for people of all ethnic backgrounds. German dancing is as important to Okktoberfest as the beer, sausage, and sauerkraut.

The people who perform German dances at the Oktoberfest typically are members of clubs that dance together all year. The clubs are true communities of folks who want to honor their German heritage. There are an amazing number of dance clubs. In the United States and Canada, for example, the Gauverband Nordamerika is an umbrella organization of German dance groups. The clubs are active in cities and towns all across the two countries.

About 40 million Americans claim Austrian, German, or Swiss ancestry, according to German World Magazine, which attracts about 100,000 readers. It's only natural that these folks love German music and dancing. If you check out a German dance club's web site, you'll find photos of families dressed in traditional garb dancing together. They have dance parties to celebrate any occasion, including Mother's Day, Christmas, engagements, weddings, and graduations. These are people who find joy in life from dancing.

When the German dance clubs perform at Oktoberfest, they bring their joy to every person attends the festival. The popularity of cuckoo clocks with dancing figures seems to have spread just as Oktoberfest has. The little dancers on the clock are reminders of of the smiles on all people at Oktoberfest. Some people choose to tap their toes and watch the German club dancers. Other folks are inspired to get up and dance, too. Children are almost always on the dance floor immediately. The little girls are overjoyed by the swirling German dresses and they twirl, too. The little boys spin, too, although a bit more wildly. The happiness of the scene is totally contagious.

If only it could go on forever! Unfortunately, we can't all dance our lives away. But our cuckoo clock can remind us of the joys of dancing and life itself when the cuckoo and little dancers come out every hour. That is sure to make you smile and remind you of happy times.

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