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Published: 05th February 2009
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When many of us think of cuckoo clocks, we think first of Germany, where historically cuckoo clocks were first made. Cuckoo clocks continue to be manufactured at approximately 100 German companies, primarily in the Black Forest region. Historically, Switzerland also played a major role in the manufacture of cuckoo clocks, although fewer and fewer Swiss companies have stayed in the business. There are now a number of Chinese companies making cuckoo clocks. This may seem a bit surprising, until one remembers that China has become one of the major manufacturing nations in the world..

In Germany, a number of cuckoo clock manufacturers stand out among all the rest. Several of the companies have been operating since the 1800s. The Schneider Company has been building cuckoo clocks since Anton Schneider began making them in his Schonach farmhouse in 1848. The sixth generation of the Schneider family now runs the company. The Schneider company continues to produce hand-carved cuckoo clocks and is a leading producer of clocks with music and dancer figures.

The Hubert Herr Cuckoo Clock Factory is now operated by the fifth generation of the Herr family. The Herr Factory was started by two brothers in the mid 1800s in Triberg, where the the factory continues to operate. The Herr Company is the only manufacturer in Germany that continues to make all of the integral parts of the cuckoo clock, including the solid wood clock cases, carvings, and movements.

August Schwer Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks has been manufacturing cuckoo clocks since 1885. For four generations, the Schwer family owned and operated the company. In 2000, Andy Winter who had worked for the Schwers for 15 years, acquired the company. In 2005, Schwer expanded by taking over the company formerly known as Albert Schwab.

The Hekas Company, founded in 1938, produces 500 different clock models. The Hekas Company was founded in 1938 by Helmut Kammerer and is now operated by the third generation of the family. Uwe Kammerer, who currently runs the company is a wood-mechanic who graduated from the famous Clock Makers College of Furtwangen. Another company founded more recently is the Hones Cuckoo Clock Company, which was started in 1950. The Hones Company makes 280 models of cuckoo clocks that are hand assembled. Also founded about 50 years ago, the Harzer Uhranfabrik Company makes 500 different models of cuckoo clocks and adds about 15 new models annually.

In Switzerland, the Lotscher Company located near Zurich makes genuine Swiss chalet cuckoo clocks.

The Lotscher Company, founded in 1920, is known for the fanciful dancing figures, animals and waterwheels on their chalet cuckoo clocks. All of the clocks are hand carved from aged linden wood and hand assembled.

The Yantai Mingxing Clock Industrial Company manufactures cuckoo clocks, as well as other wooden clocks. The clocks are made of sold woods, including linden, catalpa, oak and ash. The Yantai Minxzing Company, founded in 1985, is located in Yantai, which is known as the birthplace of the Chinese timepiece.

These companies in Germany, Switzerland, and China make an amazing variety of cuckoo clocks that are exported all over the world. The little cuckoo continues to be an international phenomenon.

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