Wood Carving and Cuckoo Clocks

05th February 2009
Every hand-made traditional cuckoo clock is a work of art by a wood carver. The Black Forest style of clock case is decorated with vines, flowers, and forest creatures that are carved out of wood. These carvings are works of art by master woodcarvers in a... Read >

German Dancers on Cuckoo Clocks

05th February 2009
German dancers on cuckoo clocks are a special delight to all people of German ancestry and anyone who loves Oktoberfest - or anyone who likes dancing and having a good time. The little dancing figures on cuckoo clocks wear traditional German clothes and d... Read >

Cuckoo Clocks Symbology

05th February 2009
The cuckoo has been a symbol of spring and fertility in Europe for at least 800 years. It makes perfect sense that the Black Forest clock makers chose a cuckoo to come out of their clocks. What could be more wonderful than the end of dark winter and the a... Read >

Cuckoo Clock Manufacturing

05th February 2009
When many of us think of cuckoo clocks, we think first of Germany, where historically cuckoo clocks were first made. Cuckoo clocks continue to be manufactured at approximately 100 German companies, primarily in the Black Forest region. Historically, Switz... Read >